Applications: Performance

The prevention of torsional vibrations or stick-slip is an essential aspect of the process of drilling exploration and production wells for oil and gas.

Through its patented Anti Stick-slip Tool (AST), Tomax provides a stable, safe drilling environment, free from stick-slip vibrations produced in the process of cutting through problematic underground formations. The suppression of stick-slip vibrations will also release energy for faster rates of penetration (ROP). As a result, the use of AST will always add significant value where the drilling operation faces risk from stick-slip vibrations.

Improving deepwater efficiency

Deepwater exploration from large drillships is on the rise. These vessels offer great benefits in terms of mobility and capacity but, from a drilling perspective, […]

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AST and PDC Replaces Turbine in Hard Sandstone

Objectives The primary objective was to maximise drilling efficiency in the 5 5/8” section through the hard abrasive Lower Fulmar Sandstone. A turbine BHA was […]

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Kvitebjørn – HPHT Cool Down

High temperature, high pressure wells are always demanding. One obvious challenge is to keep the mud cool. If the mud gets too hot, vital functions […]

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