About us

Tomax is a privately owned company focused on the development and supply of new technology adapted to advanced, modern methods for drilling oil and gas wells.

Founded in 2005, Tomax has a development focus on technology for preventing drilling vibrations and stick-slip. The work was initially funded by the two largest offshore operators in Norway at the time. Based on the success of the resulting Anti Stick-slip Tool (AST), Tomax has expanded its business to make the product available for hire from a number of major oil field hubs around the world.

Tomax’s products are backed by highly qualified in-house engineering expertise and extensive experience of field operations. This foundation helps make our products reliable and ensures seamless integration with your workflow to provide you with the highest possible return. External companies and research institutes are used to document our quality and produce test results. The field service branches of  Tomax possess modern workshop facilities and personnel with both training and  experience from international oil field operations. All branches of the company are certified to the ISO 9001-2008 standard.

Tomax has won several international awards for its innovative products as well as for its entrepreneurial qualities and business expansion.

Tomax’s objective is to grow the business based on the results achieved on each individual job. With our sole focus on mitigating vibration problems, we are able to provide a unique level of attention to your well. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a presentation of our capabilities or to discuss your particular challenge.

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