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Tomax 7” C-Series aST

The “C” means combi and reflects an extensive capability in terms of both radius of turn and lateral reach. This tool is the latest addition to the ast fleet.

The C-Series AST is tailor made for the most extreme drilling suites in the industry that being the performance motor-powered, rotary steerable systems. These systems are designed and optimized to deal with the combination of challenging curvatures and long laterals. With its oversized 7” body, the C-Series AST tool fits the most powerful motors yet provides for outstanding flexibility and straight-line capability as needed.

Length4.62 m15.15 ft
Max. OD177.8 mm7”
Min. ID53 mm2.08”
Connection topNC 50 boxNC 50 box
Connection bottomNC 50 pinNC 50 pin
Tomax anti stick slip downhole tool 7” C-series
Closeup image of 7" C series AST tool Tomax
A smooth curve is in turn the key to a successful unconventional well.
The 7” C-Series AST is designed for wells where the curvature becomes significant while the need to regulate the bit-rock interface is even more important. The tool is different in that it is optimized to have the AST principle going even curvatures all the way up to its endurance limit.

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