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The TT (Thru Tubing) Series AST has been in service since 2006 and is aimed at eliminating motor stalls as well as reducing drilling vibrations and stick-slip with downhole motors.

In recent years, the TT series tools have been upgraded with all the features found on the larger drilling series tools, so as to safely accommodate the stronger motors in use as well as drilling using foam, gas or air.

The tools are also being used for open-hole coiled tubing drilling where the electric line is pulled straight through the tool. The advantage of using the AST is reduced stalls and longer fatigue life for the tubing. The AST also allows for longer motor life, especially when the weight transfer becomes critical.

Tomax anti stick slip downhole tool tt-series
The TT-AST tool is regularly used for milling plugs on coiled tubing. This is an operation in the US where the 2 7/8” TT-AST is just to be made up to the motor to go in and mill out a high number of composite frac plugs in 5,5” liner.
TT-AST tool after having done 40 plugs. Paint is gone and some indentions from the slips on the body, but the harder seal surface is good. Motor life is significantly increased and cycling of the coil is less.

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