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34% savings in
carbon emissions

Tourmaline Oil Corp – the largest natural gas producer in Canada, is pushing to be one of the most sustainable energy enterprises in North America.

Tomax has supplied AST regulators to Tourmaline since 2020. The goal is to burn less diesel through improved drilling efficiency. The savings in specific carbon emissions was 34% in 2021 and keeps improving. The photo shows the Ensign 897 rig on a multi-well site.

Tourmaline Oil Corp in Canada using Tomax AST regulators


The AST consists of a mechanical-hydraulic converter placed in the lower part of the drill string.

Optimized drilling process

Under normal, stable conditions, the unit will transfer torque and weight to the bit as a passive part of the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA).

However, if the loading of the PDC bit becomes unstable, the AST regulator will apply its algorithm to stabilize the cut. The result is an optimized drilling process with less wear and vibration.

Prevents destructive vibrations

In practical terms, this means that the momentary response/closed-loop function of the AST prevents the escalation of local instabilities into destructive vibrations. The tool functions continuously, and no reset is required.


Axial excitation is how a PDC drill-bit solves overload in a conventional configuration


The AST regulator adapts the load to the available torque. This happens in less than 30 milliseconds and provides for a steady cut

Tomax AST downhole tool size 4 ¾” x-series

4 ¾”


Tomax AST downhole tool size 5 ¼” x-series

5 ¼”


Tomax AST downhole tool size 6 ¾” x-series

6 ¾”


Tomax AST downhole tool size 7” c-series



Tomax AST downhole tool size 8 ¼” x-series

8 ¼”


Tomax AST downhole tool size 9 ½” x-series

9 ½”


Downhole tool sizes

Use of the AST requires no changes to standard drilling practices. The tool has a wide working range which eliminates the need for service personnel.


Wells operating with Tomax

In recent years, the Tomax AST has been the fastest growing new technology in deep drilling.

Please contact us or use this website to help configure the AST products into your plans.