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Tourmaline Oil Corp

34% savings in
carbon emissions

Tourmaline Oil Corp – the largest natural gas producer in Canada, is pushing to be one of the most sustainable energy enterprises in North America.

Tomax has supplied AST regulators to Tourmaline since 2020. The goal is to burn less diesel through improved drilling efficiency. The savings in specific carbon emissions was 34% in 2021 and keps imroving.

Tourmaline Oil Corp in Canada using Tomax AST regulators
  • Double Efficiency in Carbonate Laterals

    Double Efficiency in Carbonate Laterals

    Drillers often praise the AST for making their job easy long before the engineers have calculated the benefit This example is from the Valhall field where the Aker BP Drilling & Well Alliance is filling in new laterals from the…

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  • Bright Future for Deep Drilling

    Bright Future for Deep Drilling

    Objective The PDC cutters rely on an accurate force-feed to deliver their unique capacity for efficiency and durability. The bottom end of a long, flexible drill-string is possibly the worst place for that. Results Even with such an unfavorable position,…

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  • Improvements in different formations

    Improvements in different formations

    Midland Basin (Spraberry and Wolfcamp) Objective The Tomax Anti Stick-Slip Tool (AST) reduces motor wear from stalls. Stalls includes the short invisible stops from High Frequency Torsional Oscillations or HFTO. Minimized stalls keeps the motor stronger for longer. Guidon Energy…

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