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The prevention of torsional vibrations or stick-slip is an essential aspect of the process of drilling exploration and production wells for oil and gas.

Through its patented Anti Stick-slip Tool (AST), Tomax provides a stable, safe drilling environment, free from stick-slip vibrations produced in the process of cutting through problematic underground formations. The suppression of stick-slip vibrations will also release energy for faster rates of penetration (ROP). As a result, the use of AST will always add significant value where the drilling operation faces risk from stick-slip vibrations.

Bright Future for Deep Drilling

Objective The PDC cutters relies on an accurate force-feed to deliver its unique capacity for efficiency and durability. The bottom end of a long, flexible […]

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Deepwater Development Update

As part of a new development offshore Ghana, Tullow Oil plc wanted to look at ways to reduce downhole tool failures while still maintaining time-efficient […]

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Improvements in different formations

Midland Basin (Spraberry and Wolfcamp) Objective The Tomax Anti Stick-Slip Tool (AST) reduces motor wear from stalls. Stalls includes the short invisible stops from High […]

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Improved Performance With PDM

Southern Midland Basin Objective The Tomax Anti Stick-Slip Tool (AST) reduces motor wear from stalls. That includes the short invisible stops from High Frequency Torsional […]

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US Operator Presents AST Performance

Normally it is Tomax that makes presentations about field statistics and performance to operators. This time it was the other way round: Cimarex Energy Co […]

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Qualification for Giant ERD Oilfield

Zadco UAE (Upper Zakum Development Company), with majority shareholder ADNOC, needed to expand ERD capabilities beyond 10,000m and saw excessive friction and stick-slip as challenges. […]

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Ivar Aasen

First case report with practically full AST implementation The Aker BP drilling team had an ambitious goal for speed on Ivar Aasen. As a result, […]

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Fast ROP in Hard Chalk: Proving a New Hypothesis for Drilling Dynamics – SPE 173068

Drilling hard carbonates is often a costly affair with slow ROP and equipment damage. At the international IADC/SPE Drilling Conference in London 2015, Norwegian operator […]

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Reducing surface drilling torque in ERD well

The maximum drilling torque supplied from the Top Drive is defined by the highest peaks produced downhole. An AST can be used to reduce such […]

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Improving deepwater efficiency

Deepwater exploration from large drillships is on the rise. These vessels offer great benefits in terms of mobility and capacity but, from a drilling perspective, […]

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