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Field Results

Bright Future for Deep Drilling


The PDC cutters rely on an accurate force-feed to deliver their unique capacity for efficiency and durability. The bottom end of a long, flexible drill-string is possibly the worst place for that.


Even with such an unfavorable position, PDC bits outperforms all other solutions for deep drilling. That says a lot about its potential.

Tomax put the AST (Anti Stick-slip Tool) in the string to help stabilize the bottom hole forces and harmonics.The improvements for both efficiency and distance has made AST the fastest growing new technology in drilling.

Academia has multiple methods for modeling drilling systems including the spring characteristics on the rock-cutting interface. From this the scientists have been able to prove the AST contribution and even optimize the response of the AST regulator.

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The combination of optimized PDC technology and better regulated forces downhole opens for a step improvement in drilling.

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