Field Results

Improved Performance With PDM

Southern Midland Basin


The Tomax Anti Stick-Slip Tool (AST) reduces motor wear from stalls. That includes the short invisible stops from High Frequency Torsional Oscillations or HFTO. Triple Crown Resources operating in the Southern Midland Basin implemented AST to save the downhole tools and cut cost from frequent trips:    


With AST, almost every other well was suddenly drilled failure free. In the eleven wells before that, no well had been drilled without time and money wasted on failures. To confirm the precision of the statistics, the number of runs with more than 80 hours where compared. This figure was 27% in the reference wells and improved to 67% with AST.

Initial statistical improvement in this case. “Dollar balls” mean big savings.


The AST delivered radical improvements in well costs.

# Wells119
Failure freeNone44%
Runs > 80 hours27%67%