Applications: Field Results

The prevention of torsional vibrations or stick-slip is an essential aspect of the process of drilling exploration and production wells for oil and gas.

Through its patented Anti Stick-slip Tool (AST), Tomax provides a stable, safe drilling environment, free from stick-slip vibrations produced in the process of cutting through problematic underground formations. The suppression of stick-slip vibrations will also release energy for faster rates of penetration (ROP). As a result, the use of AST will always add significant value where the drilling operation faces risk from stick-slip vibrations.

Under-reaming a difficult, fractured formation

A troublesome formation known to lock-up the cutters and cause twist-offs was to be drilled with under-reamer. An AST was deployed to solve the problem. […]

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Drilling long, fast laterals for unconventional shale resources

Drilling, shale, play, unconventional, lateral, Permian, Eagle Ford The drilling of long laterals for unconventional resources which is typical in shale plays, is on the […]

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Replacing limiting drill-bit features by AST

Torque arrestors and other features are added to reduce vibrations and to keep PDC drill bits safe. ROP however suffers. The AST allows for the […]

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Improving deepwater efficiency

Deepwater exploration from large drillships is on the rise. These vessels offer great benefits in terms of mobility and capacity but, from a drilling perspective, […]

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AST and PDC Replaces Turbine in Hard Sandstone

Objectives The primary objective was to maximise drilling efficiency in the 5 5/8” section through the hard abrasive Lower Fulmar Sandstone. A turbine BHA was […]

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Challenging Coring

Some wells are drilled primarily to retrieve cores. This puts a lot of pressure on the drilling engineers to find methods that moves the recovery […]

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Kvitebjørn – HPHT Cool Down

High temperature, high pressure wells are always demanding. One obvious challenge is to keep the mud cool. If the mud gets too hot, vital functions […]

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Improved Productivity in Rough Seas

The AST saved at least on day on each section drilled compared to previous wells having the same sea conditions. Objective The combination of 7 […]

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Total Egypt

The campaign needed extensive under-reaming and caused concerns over vibrations and long bit trips. The group of partnering operators went diligently through all available methods […]

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